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1 February 2015

Tropico 4 Now Available

Take the role as "El Presidente" as you lead your island nation from backwater to superpower.

IN STORES posted on 30 AUG 2011 2:04pm by Scott Parrino

Kalypso Media announced today the release of their city-builder/sim/strategy Tropico 4 for Windows PC. Players take the role of "El Presidente", ruler of the island nation of Tropico, as they lead tyrannically or benevolently to bring Tropico to a superpower nation. As the "El Presidente" you will have to watch out for those rooting against you or other countries trying to muscle you out as you take on challenges and missions to turn Tropico into a paradise superpower. With new features such as electing ministers to deal with controversial decisions, players will have a slew of supporters for help. Tropico 4 also brings with it social interaction with Facebook and Twitter integration (only for Windows PC). Now friends and family can see how much of a nice guy (or meanie) you are to your digital followers and citizens! To check out more information on Tropico 4, click here. Want to check out the demo? Click here.

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