15 September 2014

Wargame: AirLand Battle - British Units Shown Off

SCREENSHOTS FEATURE posted on 29 MAR 2013 by Wargamer Staff

We get a few screenshots on the British units players will see in Wargame: AirLand Battle, due out in May this year.


Total War: Rome II News Brief

PRESS RELEASE posted on 28 MAR 2013 by Jason Collins

Jason Collins over at Game-Hub stops by to give us a bit of a rundown on the current info on Total War: Rome II, set to release in October of this year.


Breach & Clear News Brief

PRESS RELEASE posted on 27 MAR 2013 by Wargamer Staff

We get eyes on some images and documents on the upcoming free-to-play tactical strategy game for the iOS/Android tablets from the Breach & Clear team from their PAX announcement.


Tank Battle: North Africa

IPAD GAME REVIEW posted on 26 MAR 2013 by James Tanaleon

James Tanaleon hits the grueling North African desert in World War 2 with this latest offering from Hunted Cow Studios.


The Emperor Returns - Napoleon at Leipzig Review

BOARD GAME REVIEW posted on 23 MAR 2013 by COL Bill Gray

One of the classic Napoleonic boardgames of all time returns, decked out in spiffy new duds and an updated game system that would even make the Little Corporal himself crack a smile.


Endgame: Syria Changed to Endgame: Eurasia and Released on App Store

PRESS RELEASE posted on 21 MAR 2013 by Wargamer Staff

Endgame: Syria went through many revisions to fit Apple's guidelines, and finally lands as a game that has changed its original setting of the Syrian Civil War.


Steam Marines v0.7.1a

FIRST IMPRESSIONS posted on 20 MAR 2013 by Scott Parrino

Scott Parrino scopes out a turn-based, squad-based tactical game that puts players in command of four soldiers as they make their way through a ship to regain control of it.


New Screenshots Released for Call to Arms

SCREENSHOTS FEATURE posted on 18 MAR 2013 by Wargamer Staff

Currently in Alpha, Call to Arms is the spiritual successor to Men of War, and is in crowd-funding mode with just a few days left.


El Alamein-The Battle That Turned the Tide of the Second World War

BOOK REVIEW posted on 15 MAR 2013 by Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson drops by with a review of Osprey Publishing's book on one of the most well-known and recognizable battles of World War 2.


March of the Eagles

AFTER ACTION REPORT posted on 14 MAR 2013 by Matthew Flanigan

Follow Matthew Flanigan as he aims to regain Sweden's rightful place amongst the great powers in Paradox's newest Napoleonic strategy game, March of the Eagles. Will Sweden once more be worthy of the title "Lion of the North"?


Battle Academy: Operation Husky

PC GAME PREVIEW posted on 12 MAR 2013 by Scott Parrino

Scott Parrino gets his hands on the Battle Academy: Operation Husky beta and sees what the upcoming DLC has to offer in leading up to its release later this month.


Aniway - Developers of Assault Wave

INTERVIEW posted on 11 MAR 2013 by Scott Parrino

Scott Parrino checks in with Aniway, the team behind the development of Assault Wave, a tactical strategy game for iOS platforms.


Crusader Kings II: The Republic and Sunset Invasion DLC

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 8 MAR 2013 by James Tanaleon

James Tanaleon comes to Wargamer with a dual look at two of the latest DLCs for the Crusader Kings II. Are they worth it?


Armored Brigade v0.810

FIRST IMPRESSIONS posted on 7 MAR 2013 by Scott Parrino

Scott Parrino gets his eyes on this real-time pausable strategy that is being developed by a one-man team.


World of Tanks Adds in New British Tank Destroyers in Update

PRESS RELEASE posted on 6 MAR 2013 by Wargamer Staff

Ten new British tanks take to the field in v8.4 update, as well as three new German light tanks.


A Look at a Few Strategies on Kickstarter

EDITORIAL posted on 5 MAR 2013 by Scott Parrino

Scott Parrino searches through Kickstarter to see what strategy games are looking for some help, and his opinions on them.


Legion iPad - Philip Veale and Iain McNeil

INTERVIEW posted on 4 MAR 2013 by Scott Parrino

Scott Parrino gets in some interview time with the minds behind bringing Legion to the iPad, which starts the new "Classic" brand from Slitherine.


The Falklands 1982 - Ground Operations in the South Atlantic

BOOK REVIEW posted on 1 MAR 2013 by Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson is back with another wonderful book review from Osprey Publishing's Campaign series.


Killhouse Games - Developers of Door Kickers

INTERVIEW posted on 28 FEB 2013 by Scott Parrino

Scott Parrino gets in touch with the development team Killhouse Games to talk about their tactical strategy game Door Kickers.


Panzer Corps Grand Campaign '45 West -The Final Installment

PRESS RELEASE posted on 27 FEB 2013 by Wargamer Staff

After countless scenarios, units, campaigns, features, the final installment in the Grand Campaign series for Panzer Corps arrives.