23 April 2014

Out of Nowhere: A history of the military sniper, from the Sharpshooter to Afghanistan

BOOK REVIEW posted on 7 AUG 2012 by Paul Robinson

Setting his sights on the legacy of the military sniper, Paul Robinson scopes out a detailed history from Osprey Publishing.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

XBOX 360 GAME REVIEW posted on 5 AUG 2012 by Curtis Szmania

The Wargamer's editor-in-chief travels the world with "Ghost" team in Ubisoft's latest tactical third-person shooter, giving us a wargamer's take on the title.


Lock 'n Load: Heroes of the Gap

BOARD GAME REVIEW posted on 3 AUG 2012 by Henrik Rothen

New writer Henrik Rothen dissects Lock 'n Load Publishing's tabletop translation of a hypothetical engagement taking place during World War III.


How Different System Components Handle the Most Graphic Intensive Wargames

EDITORIAL posted on 2 AUG 2012 by Andy Houghton

Andy Houghton from Digital Storm, a maker of customized computer systems, shares with us how your computer hardware can affect your PC wargaming experience.


Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps - After Action Review

STRAIGHT FROM THE BETA TESTERS posted on 31 JUL 2012 by Dustin Bond

Beta tester Dustin Bond takes us to the deserts of North Africa with the beta of the latest standalone addition to the Panzer Corps series.


Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 29 JUL 2012 by Stanislav Bartoshevich

We get a good look at SEGA's take on the conflict that ended the samurai era through the words of new writer Stanislav Bartoshevich.


Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 27 JUL 2012 by James Tanaleon

New writer James Tanaleon goes on a pilgrimage to the Middle East with Paradox Interactive's latest expansion for the Crusader Kings series.


Combat Mission: Fortress Italy

COMMUNITY INTERVIEW posted on 27 JUL 2012 by The Wargamer Community

Stephen Grammont, co-founder of Battlefront, personally answers questions posed by our community about their upcoming addition to the Combat Mission series.



MOVIE REVIEW posted on 25 JUL 2012 by Martin Lampon

Martin Lampon reviews a documentary on the pivotal battle, continuing our celebration of its bicentennial.


The Peninsular War Atlas

BOOK REVIEW posted on 24 JUL 2012 by Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson reviews a product that can help assist those who would like to better understand the Peninsular War and the Battle of Salamanca.


The Battle of Salamanca - 22 July 1812

HISTORICAL ARTICLE posted on 22 JUL 2012 by Martin Lampon

In remembrance of the pivotal battle and in celebration of its bicentennial, Martin Lampon takes us back in time to show us what took place around those hills near Salamanca.


The 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Salamanca

THEME INTRODUCTION posted on 21 JUL 2012 by Curtis Szmania

Introducing a collection of articles in remembrance of the decisive allied victory against Napoleon's Empire near Salamanca, Spain on July 22, 1812.


Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

VIDEO PC GAME REVIEW posted on 19 JUL 2012 by Martin Lampon

If you enjoy close quarters combat, watch Martin Lampon take on the latest expansion for the most popular first-person shooter on the market.


The Birth of the Wargame

THE RETRO-GROGNARD posted on 17 JUL 2012 by Gideon Marcus

Gideon Marcus takes us back in time, kicking off a new series featuring board wargames of old. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flashback, as he talks about what's inside his time capsule.


Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue - After Action Review

STRAIGHT FROM THE BETA TESTERS posted on 15 JUL 2012 by Mark Hemns

Beta tester Mark Hemns tells us about his experiences with the pre-release version of this operational strategy game and why it's unforgiving.


A Deeper Look into the Multiplayer of Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars

VIDEO PC GAME REVIEW posted on 13 JUL 2012 by Neil Sangster

Neil Sangster gives us a tour of everything that this Mount & Blade DLC has to offer in online play.


An Introduction to Napoleonic Miniature Wargaming

MINIATURE WARGAMING posted on 10 JUL 2012 by Martin Lampon

Martin Lampon shows us why Napoleonic miniature wargaming is so exciting and how one might get into it.


Spartan Warrior 735-331 BC

BOOK REVIEW posted on 9 JUL 2012 by Paul Robinson

With spear in one hand and shield in the other, we step into the phalanx with Paul Robinson while he attacks Osprey's dissection of the life of the Spartan warrior.


Field of Glory Battle Pack

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 8 JUL 2012 by Jim Cobb

Jim Cobb experiences war through the ages with the latest add-on for the longstanding miniatures-to-PC conversion.


Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue

COMMUNITY INTERVIEW posted on 6 JUL 2012 by The Wargamer Community

The Wargamer community gets up-close and personal with Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue developer Victor Reijkersz.