23 November 2014

PC Game Preview

Armageddon Awaits

We preview Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon

After Action Report

Abstracts from the War Diary of Heeresgruppe C

Gary Grigsby's War In The West Scenario - Battleground Italy

Historical Article

The Devil's Brigade

The Canadian - American 1st Special Service Force

PC Game Review

War is an Art

Europa Universalis IV: Art of War reviewed

First Impressions

Rebels & Redcoats

We take a first look at the boardgame conversion by Hunted Cow

Book Review

Lawrence Warrior and Scholar

Review of a book about Lawrence of Arabia

Press Release

Knockin on the Devils Door

The Legions of Darkness are unleashed today!

PC Game Review

War Tapes Silent Storm

Jake Tucker starts a new series looking back at classic games


In Flanders Fields

Lest we forget whilst we enjoy our games

Historical Article

Sea Lion vs the Royal Navy

Why "Hitler's D-Day" may have ended in failure

Latest News

Press Release

The Bridge Wasnt Too Far

Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm gets a new update and a Steam release!

Press Release

Mordheim: City of the Damned the Early Access is available!

20% discount offered to all Early Access participants

Press Release

Battle Fleet 2 Launches on Steam for Windows & Mac

Awaited sequel to the popular WW2 Naval Strategy Game!

Press Release

Warmachine: Tactics Full Version Now Available on Steam!

Out of Early Access and into full release

Press Release

Hearts of Iron IV Retells History through a Look at Military Technology

Meet the Tanks and Vehicles of World War II in a New Developer Diary Video

Press Release

Centauri Sector is now on Steam Greenlight

Demo and Full Early Access available

Press Release

Combat Mission: Red Thunder Patch

 The long awaited v1.02 patch for Combat Mission: Red Thunder is here!

Press Release

Lords of the Black Sun Radiates With Huge New Update

A Galaxy of Updates, Plus New Artwork and Screenshots

Press Release

Mordheim: City of the Damned

Gameplay Trailer and website revealed as Early Access releases imminently!

Press Release

Mondays Matrix Moment

Deal of the Week: Hannibal Rome and Carthage

Press Release

Paradox Development Studio Recruiting Developers

Chance to work in the industry

Press Release

The Hot Cold War Comes to Steam

Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm gets Players Edition on Steam

Press Release

World War 1 Update

To End All Wars gets its first major patch!

Press Release

Combat Mission: Red Thunder patch

The v1.01 patch is available for PC and Mac.

Press Release

Forward to Victory

Space Hulk: Ascension Edition Available Now for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam

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PC Game Preview: Armageddon Awaits

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