25 November 2014

PC Game Preview

One Giant Leap

James Tanaleon reviews Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager

Industry News

The Wargamer.com Games of the Year 2014

Nominate your favourite games of 2014

PC Game Preview

Armageddon Awaits

We preview Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon

After Action Report

Abstracts from the War Diary of Heeresgruppe C

Gary Grigsby's War In The West Scenario - Battleground Italy

Historical Article

The Devil's Brigade

The Canadian - American 1st Special Service Force

PC Game Review

War is an Art

Europa Universalis IV: Art of War reviewed

First Impressions

Rebels & Redcoats

We take a first look at the boardgame conversion by Hunted Cow

Book Review

Lawrence Warrior and Scholar

Review of a book about Lawrence of Arabia

Press Release

Knockin on the Devils Door

The Legions of Darkness are unleashed today!

PC Game Review

War Tapes Silent Storm

Jake Tucker starts a new series looking back at classic games

Latest News

Press Release

Elite: Dangerous Gamma Available Now

Elite: Dangerous Gamma unlocks 400 billion star systems, makes combat tutorials playable for all pre-orders, and gets new iOS companion app

Press Release

Total War Attila Release Date Announced

Pre-order and Special Edition content revealed

Press Release

Pre-campaign launches for Blitzkrieg 3 World War II strategy game

Players who pre-order will gain access to the upcoming Closed Beta

Press Release

Santa Claus is ahead of his normal schedule this year!

The Matrix Games and Slitherine Holiday sales are starting today!

Press Release

The Bridge Wasnt Too Far

Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm gets a new update and a Steam release!

Press Release

Mordheim: City of the Damned the Early Access is available!

20% discount offered to all Early Access participants

Press Release

Battle Fleet 2 Launches on Steam for Windows & Mac

Awaited sequel to the popular WW2 Naval Strategy Game!

Press Release

Warmachine: Tactics Full Version Now Available on Steam!

Out of Early Access and into full release

Press Release

Hearts of Iron IV Retells History through a Look at Military Technology

Meet the Tanks and Vehicles of World War II in a New Developer Diary Video

Press Release

Centauri Sector is now on Steam Greenlight

Demo and Full Early Access available

Press Release

Combat Mission: Red Thunder Patch

 The long awaited v1.02 patch for Combat Mission: Red Thunder is here!

Press Release

Lords of the Black Sun Radiates With Huge New Update

A Galaxy of Updates, Plus New Artwork and Screenshots

Press Release

Mordheim: City of the Damned

Gameplay Trailer and website revealed as Early Access releases imminently!

Press Release

Mondays Matrix Moment

Deal of the Week: Hannibal Rome and Carthage

Press Release

Paradox Development Studio Recruiting Developers

Chance to work in the industry

From the Forums

Featured Screenshot

After Action Report: Abstracts from the War Diary of Heeresgruppe C

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